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What is the Jamaica?

The "Jamaica" is a dance that is uniquely New Orleans. It was choreographed in New Orleans in the early 1950's to better fit the new music of the late 40's, early 50's. That music being "Rhythm and Blues" or forever known as "Rock N Roll." The Jamaica is a product of a group of youngsters who danced at the Jamaica Lounge located on the corner of Josephine and Magazine Streets, at that time a neighborhood called "The Irish Channel;" hence it's name "The Jamaica." The Jamaica is a smooth, slow, circular-style dance using eight-count steps. It is danced to music in four/four time at approximately 90 bpm to 125 bpm. Rhythm and Blues and Old Time Rock N Roll are traditional styles of music for the Jamaica.

For additional information contact
Glenda Giroir at (504) 341-7738
Verdie Enloe at (504) 436-7640

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Jamaica Dance Lessons on DVD for only $20 each.
To order, call: (504) 341-7738

2012 Good Times Jamaica Dance Club

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